Natalia Zurakowska

Art is everywhere...


In my paintings I explore the interplay of forms and lines, the textures of nature and its colors. In particular there are forms and rhythms which graze our senses and talk to us - I call them ‘Lulaks’.

This results in a certain versatility: decorative narrative, impulsive narrative, nude and peculiar still lifes and landscapes.


On my search for publishers I’ve been told that the stories are too weird for kids but also too well-behaved for adults. Nonetheless, the illustrations are quite popular among buyers and fans. Maybe this balance between weird and well-behaved is what makes them interesting in the first place.


On my search for kukubla ...........

                                HELLO, I'M NATALIA

I was born in Russia but grew up in the Ukraine and did my arts education there. Since 1992 I live and work in Munich, Germany.

I’m an exploring artist which you’ll witness in the diversity of works on my website.

Realistic and abstract; funny and serious; painted with oil or acrylic paint; aquarelle or touche; pencil or chalk - everything interests and fascinates me. I want to try everything and discover new ways and techniques.

I sincerely hope that you, dear visitor, will view my webpage with interest and an open mind and find one thing or another that will delight your soul.